Butternut Trees on Your Property

Photograph of base of butternut tree.

Butternut trees are widespread through-out Ontario, but their numbers are decreasing due to an invasive disease called butternut canker. Butternut canker was first confirmed in Ontario in 1991 and is thought to have originated somewhere in Asia. Like many invasive pathogens, it has spread quickly in Ontario. In 2005 the… Read More

Ferns in Ontario

Gerneric photo of ferns in a forest.

Ferns are some of the most intriguing plants I have come across while conducting field surveys in central Ontario. They are living fossils! Ferns appear in the fossil record nearly 360 million years ago. This is long before the evolution of land animals (including dinosaurs) and nearly 200 million years… Read More

Severances and Environmental Reports

Wetland on a severance property

What Is a Land Severance? A land severance is an application to separate of a piece of land and to create a new lot. Depending on the township/municipality, one, two, three or more lots can be created through this process. There are many zoning by law and land use requirements… Read More

White-nose Syndrome in Ontario

Tagged Little Brown Myotis. Photo Credit: J. Boxall, 2014.

We had an old home growing up. It had charm in the way that older homes usually do with large ceilings and rooms that felt lived in. It also had an older chimney and a roof that perpetually needed mending and crumbling around the foundation. If you have ever lived… Read More

Spring Frog Surveys are Starting!

Spring peeper sitting on foliage.

To some people the sight of the first robin of the year signals the beginning of spring. For others such as myself, the true harbingers of spring are our frogs. When these cold-blooded creatures emerge from hibernation and begin singing, spring has arrived and so spring frog surveys are starting…. Read More

NEA ~ Excited to Launch our New Website

Butterflies in Tree

NEA is excited to launch our new website. We have added additional content and optimized the site for use on any mobile device. After more than 30 years in business, Niblett Environmental Associates also known as NEA, has grown with more staff and a bigger office. We now offer a broader set of… Read More