Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)NEA  provides a robust suite of geographic information system (GIS) mapping services. We work with ESRI’s ArcGIS platform and Autodesk AutoCAD technology as well as open-source solutions such as QGIS, GRASS and SAGA GIS. We specialize in geospatial analysis and ecosystem mapping. GIS allows us to make attractive maps that can be used in reports or as displays for public meetings and Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearings.

Geospatial Analysis

  • General habitat description modelling for Species at Risk (SAR)
  • Identification of constraints for potential development.
  • Photogrammetry and aerial photography interpretation
  • Conceptual mapping for proposed developments
  • Modelling of terrain processes and hydrological process

Ecological Mapping

  • Species habitat mapping
  • Biological inventory mapping
  • Ecological Land Classification (ELC) mapping
  • Headwater Drainage Feature (HDF) mapping
  • Biological inventory mapping
  • Species habitat mapping
  • Wetland boundary identification and mapping