Ecological Compensation and Restoration

beaver, Environmental restoration Maintaining natural features such as watercourses, wetlands and amphibian breeding pools is a priority for developments and is required by various agency policies. When avoidance and mitigation measures are not achievable, on-site or off-site compensation is required. NEA has the experience and expert staff to assist with those projects and requirements. We can also assist with environmental restoration of degraded habitats, creating/enhancing fish habitat and naturalization/restoration of disturbed areas.

Fish Habitat Offsetting


NEA has completed a broad range of fish habitat offsetting (compensation) projects meeting fish productivity requirements of the Fisheries Act. We are experienced in negotiations with Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) staff and in creating innovative fish habitat restoration designs and solutions to any fisheries issue. NEA will work with fluvial geomorphologists, engineers, hydrologists and agency biologists to achieve your project goals while enhancing the local fisheries productivity.

Amphibian Pond Construction - Consultation and Facilitation

frog in between leaves

The design of compensation measures for loss of wetlands can include constructing ponds specifically for frogs and salamanders. NEA has designed, negotiated approvals and permitting, supervised construction and monitored several ponds in Central Ontario. Our pond designs are site specific based on soils, hydrology and topography and tailored to the target species.


Wetland Compensation - Consultation and Facilitation

compensation_example drawing

NEA has completed a number of compensation or offsetting designs for wetlands through a federal, provincial or conservation authority process and policies. The loss of wetland from developments or filling of a wetland without a permit are the two most common triggers for this type of work. NEA can complete the necessary calculations and design a compensatory wetland for any size project. We work with the conservation authority and other agencies to prepare a suitable design and can assist with permitting and post-construction monitoring.

Post-construction Planting Plans and Restoration Plans

wild flowers

Working with landscape architects, NEA staff can design and assist with the required native plantings for buffers, shorelines, edge management plans and restoration opportunities.

Violation Remediation


Impacts to natural features and ecosystems, especially those regulated by conservation authorities, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) or Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) can result in a violation. NEA has the experience to address those issues and assist in preparing a remediation plan to the satisfaction of the agency.