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Provincial Policy Compliance

  1. Provincial Policy Statement

    As the basis for Natural Heritage policies in Ontario, we have a thorough understanding of the PPS and the implications of this policy for our clients. The PPS Natural Heritage policies include protection for: significant wetlands, fish habitat, significant woodlands, significant wildlife habitat and the habitat of endangered and threatened species. The identification of these features and their ecological functions is critical to assessing impacts of a project.
  2. Oak Ridges Moraine Policy

    The Oak Ridges Moraine Act and Plan provides guidance on how development proceeds on the Moraine. The plan requires that all development from garages and houses to plans of subdivisions conduct a Natural Heritage Evaluation. NEA has conducted numerous studies for private landowners and developers across the length of the Moraine and has a thorough understanding of this policy and municipal zoning by laws and official plans requirements.
  3. Endangered Species Act

    The Ontario Endangered Species Act was enacted in June 2007 and the list of species is updated annually by MNR. The act provides protection for threatened and endangered wildlife in Ontario. NEA has expert staff that specializes in Species At Risk. We can provide services from field inventories, species and habitat identification/mapping to management plans, monitoring programs and obtaining permits from MNR. NEA has MNR certified butternut health assessors to help with identifying, completing MNR health assessments, documentation and permitting. We have experience with Overall Benefit Permits for whip-poor-wills, bobolink, eastern meadowlark, barn swallow, loggerhead shrike, Blanding’s turtle, redside dace and many other species across Ontario.

  4. Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act

    Alterations to watercourses, shoreline stabilization, boat docks and stream works require approval under this act. Understanding when this act applies and documentation required is part of projects.
  5. Conservation Authorities Policies and Regulations

    Current knowledge regarding recent changes to the regulations that conservation authorities work under is key to addressing concerns of these regulatory agencies. NEA has a working relationship with most of the conservation authorities in Ontario and a reputation for providing quality assessments that meet their policies and the natural heritage information required for them to review a project. The supporting policy documents and guidelines that conservation authorities utilize include wetlands, significant woodlands, fish habitat, floodplains, valleys and natural heritage features. NEA has a good understanding of the supporting documents used by these agencies.
  6. Lake Simcoe Protection Plan

    The new Lake Simcoe Protection Act and plan includes natural heritage policies for natural features within the Lake Simcoe Watershed. Understanding the requirements of this new legislation particularly in areas outside of settlement areas is key to addressing the issues to be addressed for any type of development.

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