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Biological Consultants
Celebrating Our 25th Year | 1985 - 2010
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  1. Water Quality Monitoring
    1. Benthic

      Benthic invertebrates are good indicators of water quality in watercourses and outfalls. Sampling of benthic organisms is required for long term monitoring projects for municipal sewage treatment plant outfalls and hydroelectric projects. NEA has the staff and expertise to design sampling programs, collect and identify benthics and prepare reports for the approval agencies.
    2. Stormwater

      Sampling of stormwater for water quality impacts on receiving waterbodies and watercourses is part of many projects and monitoring projects. Sampling in the waterbodies can be conducted in short or long term programs that include Certificates of Approval or thermal monitoring programs for stormwater outfalls into coldwater streams. NEA has the staff, equipment and experience to meet these requirements.
  2. Federal Fisheries Act Authorizations

    NEA's fisheries biologists have a broad range of experience in conducting compliance monitoring required under these authorizations. We can provide fish monitoring sampling, photodocumentation, fish salvages, compensation plant monitoring and help design and supervise construction of compensation structures to create fish habitat. Our clients have included hydroelectric facilities, public utilities, developers, municipalities and private landowners.
  3. Wildlife and Bird Monitoring

    Long term bird and wildlife monitoring programs have been designed by NEA and approved. Specific plans are prepared by our biologists in consultation with MNR, Environment Canada, conservation authorities and scientific experts on specific species.

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© Niblett Environmental Associates Inc.