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  1. Federal

    Federal regulatory requirements , legislation and policies are required for a variety of projects. NEA has conducted environmental assessments, impact studies and other studies for Environment Canada, Trent Severn Waterway and a number of federal government agencies and crown corporations.
    • Federal CEAA environmental assessments
    • Species at Risk surveys and studies
    • Dominion Water Powers Act studies
    • DFO fisheries compensation agreements
  2. Provincial

    Provincial policies, legislation, environmental assessments and other studies apply to projects that require provincial approval.
    • Provincial Environmental Assessments
  3. Municipal

    Upper and lower tier municipalities have frameworks to address development applications. Working with municipalities and their policies is key to many projects. A clear understanding of the planning framework and the natural heritage policies and contact with planners guides the process.
    • Municipal environmental assessments
    • Official Plan amendments and zoning by-law amendments
    • Environmental impact assessments
    • Natural heritage systems, Greenlands and Natural Heritage Strategies
    • Official plan updates/reviews
    • OMB hearings re environmental policies
    • Municipal projects-buildings, roads, recreation facilities, trails, marinas, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, trunk sewers and water mains.

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© Niblett Environmental Associates Inc.