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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  1. GIS

    NEA provides high-end GIS mapping for most of our projects. Utilizing various modules, GIS is able to perform analysis and model changes in the natural environment. Applications include: fisheries conservation, land conservation, prioritization, land use change detection, wildlife range maps, bird migration mapping, and species-at-risk mapping. Techniques used may involve spatial analyses and geostatistical analyses such as habitat suitability indices, least-cost path analysis, slope and aspect analysis, 3-dimensional modeling, and kernel density analysis. GIS offers the power and flexibility to enable everyone involved to make more intuitive decisions. Check out our new GIS blog at www.neagis.com.

  2. Cartography

    Quality map production involves more than compiling GIS data. It involves refining the data into a graphical solution that is suitable for a specific user or solution. Our recognized cartographic techniques bring our maps to life. We can provide detailed large-scale displays for presentations as well as topographic and natural features maps for other situations. Good maps are a balance between detail and legibility.

    All of our reports use GIS mapping for the figures utilizing existing data layers and GIS information tailored to the specific project and to display the natural heritage data, as well as buffers, setbacks, protection zones, and development plans. We are also able to provide large format wall maps on high quality map plotters.

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© Niblett Environmental Associates Inc.