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Aggregate Quarry License Application - City of Kawartha Lakes

NEA was retained by a quarry company to complete a Natural Environment Level 1 and Level 2 Technical Report for an 800 acre quarry below the water table. The project was located on the Carden Plain, a nationally recognized natural area characterized by alvar (shallow soil grasslands) and numerous Species At Risk. The key issues were the presence of Loggerhead Shrike habitat (a federal and provincial Species At Risk), provincially significant wetland, alvar habitat, rare turtle species, fisheries and regionally rare plants. NEA submitted the reports as part of the study team including notes for the operational plan and progressive rehabilitation plan. Attendance at an Ontario Municipal Board hearing resulted in approval of the license with long term biological monitoring conditions.

Alta Vista Transportation Corridor - Ottawa

NEA worked with a multi-discipline study team on a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for a large transportation corridor to connect the southern part of Ottawa to the downtown area. The Natural Environment Component included extensive biological inventories of watercourses, woodlands, natural areas, hydro corridors and urban landscapes. Surveys for fish, breeding birds, plants, reptiles, amphibians, owls and diurnal and nocturnal mammals were collected over several seasons. NEA participated in the analysis of alternatives, weighting of criteria and public meetings. The final report included compilation of the field data, natural heritage mapping (GIS based) and compilation of background literature and plant and wildlife lists for previous studies (NOSS, NESS).

Hydroelectric Facility - Peterborough

NEA worked with a multi-discipline study team on a Dominion Waters Power Act and Canadian Environmental Assessment Act Screening Report for a 2 megawatt run-of-the-river hydroelectric project in Peterborough. The natural environment component included extensive multi-season inventories of fisheries (walleye, bass), spring amphibians, breeding birds, plants, wildlife, Species At Risk and reptiles. Ecological Land Classification was used to describe the vegetation community types. The project included completion of a CEAA Screening Report for Parks Canada, analysis of alternative designs, assistance with permitting from Otonabee Conservation and DFO, mitigation measures and long term monitoring programs. Part of the project was the design and permitting to construct an artificial wetland, in part to provide habitat for spring breeding frogs.

Draft Plan of Subdivision - Courtice

NEA was retained by the Municipality of Clarington to complete an Environmental Impact Study for a 84 lot draft plan of subdivision. The project included submission of a Terms of Reference, completion of multi-season field inventories and preparation of an EIS as per the Municipal Official Plan. The presence of a coldwater creek, provincially significant wetland and woodland required the completion of a wetland boundary delineation as per MNR wetland protocols. The report included recommendations for a 30 metre buffer, preservation of existing vegetation, regionally rare plants and amphibian habitat and the creation of a landscape plan to introduce native vegetation into the buffer area. The project also required attendance at several steering committee meetings and a presentation at a public meeting.

MacKinnon's Creek Rehabilitation

NEA was part of team completing fish habitatcompensation works to create northern pike spawning areas along MacKinnon's Creek in Ottawa. Our role was to conduct a fish salvage in the existing channel, monitor turbidity levels, attend site meetings with the engineers, landscapers and Department of Fisheries and Oceans and assist in the design and planting of the spawning area in emergent vegetation. Under a DFO authorization, NEA is monitoring the site annually to determine usage by pike for spawning and other fish, as well as success of the plantings.

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